Website Maintenance

We can take over responsibility for the management of your website. We can troubleshoot and resolve problems in dynamic data driven websites.

Fixed fee pricing – For medium and large updates to a site we can give a fixed price quotation to cover the entire work.

Hourly rate pricing – For smaller adhoc updates and amendments we can work by the hour at a rate of £50 per hour.

Ongoing maintenance contract – Where there are regular updates to content, or continuous finetuning of source code for search engine optimisation purposes then we can agree a monthly payment option based on a set number of hours per month. This price will work out cheaper than the hourly rate pricing, and any unused time each month is put into beneficial search engine optimisation work.

  • Option 1
  • £50
  • 1 Hour per month
  • Option 2
  • £90
  • 2 Hours per month
  • Option 3
  • £120
  • 3 Hours per month